Abstracts for the Demonstration and Poster Session

We believe that a demonstration session would be beneficial to the majority of attendees as all delegates would benefit from seeing examples of laboratories, interactive software tools, remote laboratories and the like. In this session, delegates can chat informally with presenters who will demonstrate their teaching tools. In principle there is no limit to the number of submissions that can be accepted for this session beyond room size.

The session will be run like one of the open interactive sessions at the recent IFAC world congress. That is, delegates will have access to computing, a table and poster board by request so they can bring and demonstrate hardware, software or other materials as appropriate. Presenters should discuss their requirements with the organisers in advance should the basic requirement not be sufficient.

To encourage participation and sharing of best practice, we are accepting contributions which are extended abstract only, that is, there is no need for a full publishable paper although of course you are welcome to write one should you feel this is appropriate for your input. 

All submissions, both extended abstract and others should be submitted through Papercept using the special session code 8c44i.
If you would like to contribute to this session but are unsure of the appropriateness of your proposal, do contact Anthony Rossiter ([email protected]) beforehand.